I’m a 28 year old gay man from London and in June 2018 I was diagnosed with HIV.

This blog is a place to share my journey, offer some advice and hopefully create a platform where others can share their stories about their own experience living with, or knowing someone who is HIV positive.

HIV is not a ‘Gay Man’s’ disease, as 53%* of new diagnosis are Gay and Bisexual men… which means 47%*are not. As such, this blog is open to all.

*Statistics taken from Terrance Higgins Trust

There is still so much stigma attached, but together, the more we speak openly about it, the more we can eradicate it. Education is power.

I would like to encourage you to engage and comment as we build a community. I am not a medical professional, so will always try to include valuable links when it comes to explaining terminology about the virus.

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